* This is Jason's 'about' section, that he wrote, in third person, so it would seem professional *

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Born and raised in Taiwan, re-raised in America. With a cross-cultural perspective, he points out social absurdities within his family, his upbringing, and the society he constantly tries to find his belonging. Expressing his frustration and confusion in the only way he knows how. The most honest and goofy way possible.

Leaving all his secrets with the audience.


You can see Jason performing regularly at his home club The Comedy & Magic Club in LA,  and The Comedy Cellar in NY. Comedy is subjective but whilst Jason was in search of validation from crowds of strangers to fill the empty hole, he appeared on 'Laughs' on Fox and Hulu, ‘Laff Tracks’ on TruTV, and won several stand up comedy contests including The World Series of Comedy main event in Las Vegas. Toured over Asia including Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and 40+ states across the US in comedy clubs, cruise ships, college campuses, corporate events, laundromats, garages, crafting his own unique style in every situation possible. 


Making people laugh in hopes that for a moment people can forget the distress and frustrations life brings you..is HILARIOUS..lol life hurts too much to forget it for any amount of time. Instead he invites you to look directly in the face of troubles we face, and laugh at how goofy we ALL are. Just a forealsies cool beans butterfly goofy good time. Checkout out his schedule for tour dates or his album ‘Growing Pains’ on iTunes and Spotify!